Jones Wood & Gentry Inc.

Professional Surveyors and Mappers - FL Reg. LB1
Since 1950

The JWG Team

Jones Wood & Gentry, Inc. has a particularly strong core of individuals who form the foundation of our firm. Many of our team members have been with us for over 25 years. Please contact any of our Project Managers at 407-898-7780 or click their name to send an email and see how we can help you on your current or future projects.

A 1915 survey crew

A 1915 Survey Crew.

Photo from State Library and Archives of Florida-Florida Photographic Collection.

Carol E. Gentry - President

Daniel E. Gentry, Sr. - PLS 1585

PLS Project Managers
Daniel E. Gentry Jr. - President - PLS 5047

John F. Cheney - PLS 4286

Support Staff
Craig A. Schielke Sr. CAD & GIS

Tremayne Sirmons - CAD & GIS

Derek Bjork - Survey Technician

Trudy Wood - Accounting

Donn Hacket - Field Supervisor